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We are so grateful for Lifespring Academy.  Both of our children are thriving and learning more than they ever did in the public school system.  The teachers are all kind, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable.  They truly want what is best for each student, and will make sure each child is set up to succeed.  M. Mitchell, Parent


Life Spring Academy has been a gift to both our son and our family.  Before LSA, school was a place he dreaded going to each morning.  He felt misunderstood by his teachers, lost in a crowd,  and unsuccessful as a learner.  Now that he attends LSA, instead of dread, school has brought him much peace and confidence academically, personally and spiritually.  Our amazing teachers at LSA have shown an innate understanding of how to teach towards his individual learning style.  They focus on his strengths while accepting his weaknesses.  They remind him daily that he was made perfectly in the image of God.  In the evening, rather than saying he doesn't want to go to school, he talks about what he has learned that day and what he is excited to share with his teacher the next day.  What a difference!  L. Furman, Parent

LifeSpring Academy has been such a blessing to our family! Our son struggled with public school…not academically but socially. It was so difficult to see our own child sad every day going to school, having severe anxiety and never feeling like they fit in.  This led to homeschooling which was fine but there were so many things that our child was missing out on! After meeting with Dawn we knew right away that God had a plan and place for our child at LifeSpring. Words can’t describe how great it is to see your child wake up excited and happy to go to school, to have great friends, caring teachers, and to have the confidence that they need to accomplish great things! Thank you LifeSpring Academy for making a difference!  S. Stafford, Parent


"Before I came to LifeSpring, school was very challenging for me and I felt alone and unable to express my faith. Once I came to LifeSpring, I really liked that there is a Biblical view to everything we learn, especially in science. The teachers make me feel very cared for. I used to be very anxious. Now, even though some of my classes may be difficult, there is less stress. I really enjoy LifeSpring, the new friends I have made and I love my teachers." Anonymous, Student

What our parents and students are saying.....

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