Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

It's that time of year that everyone is busy, summer is ending, families are taking their last minute vacations while being faced with big "school" decisions while teachers are busy preparing for precious ones to be back in the classroom with much anticipation!! We feel the same way here at LifeSpring Academy as we enter our 7th year serving families in the Clayton area of North Carolina. God has truly been faithful. It has been a joyful, amazing journey. And we are filled with anticipation. Anticipating our new students and ready to welcome back our returning families. Praying for each and every student and family that this will be the BEST year ever. Praying for those families that are making changes or that feel they need to make changes in their child's education. That is indeed a big step and a big journey.

Maybe you and your family are on a similar journey. One that requires faith and trust because, after all, placing our most precious ones into the hands of others to guide, support and educate can be tough. We understand. We are here as a family, our LifeSpring Family, to help you to get the best help, support and education for your child and your family one step at a time. There is still time. Stop for a moment to breathe, close your eyes and fill the peace and presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There.

Now, the amazing news is that there is still time (even though you are feeling crazy stressed) for you to give us a call here at LifeSpring Academy at 919-359-9959 and let our friendly and amazing staff chat with you and help you to make an appointment to have a tour of the Academy. It's the first step. We still have limited space for your precious one to grow with us right here at LSA!

"What Starts Here, Changes Everything..."

Come out and meet us! We will be happy to share our philosophy of education and our genuine love of educating the whole child. Come chat with us and we will help you to make the best decision for your child's education. Whether we feel that LifeSpring is the best choice for this season in your child's life or another amazing school in our community.

Remember, "What Starts Here, Changes Everything!"

With much love and prayer,

LifeSpring Academy

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