LifeSpring Academy.  Private Christian K-12 School. 
Multi-Age Experience.

Teachers and staff of LifeSpring Academy cherish children's enthusiasm for learning and natural curiosity, and their desire to cooperate with others in work and play. The classroom experience is structured to follow the lead of the student's inquisitiveness, and to use their interests to lead them to the joys of exploration and discovery within the parameters of the classical curriculum. By fostering self-motivation this way, students become inventive and independent thinkers who are confident in their ability to learn and to master challenges. In achieving these goals, we look to God's guidance and wisdom to allow each individual to grow spiritually, achieve academically and develop personally. 

Through the implementation of a classical approach to education and utilizing project-based curriculum, students gain a true excitement and love for learning. God's beautiful story of History comes to life as the students gain a deep understanding of His hand at work through history. While Multi-age Classrooms enable students to reach up to 3 grade levels higher than a traditional classroom setting. 



LifeSpring Academics.



LifeSpring Solutions. Homeschool Support.

LifeSpring Solutions is:


A PLACE........

where homeschooled students can gather and engage in labs  and classes to enhance subject areas.


where students have support in a Christian setting intertwining learning and fun.

 A GROUP........

of Christian families who are joining together to enrich the education of our students.


By beginning with a strong foundation and committing all things to Him, it is LifeSpring’s desire to integrate private school experiences and home education. The parent will remain the chief administrator of their school.  LifeSpring Solutions will serve as a supplement to the instruction taking place at home.  Please see our Solutions Tab for our class schedule and available classes.