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God gave the founders of LSA a vision to be "different."  LSA caters to the learning styles and abilities of the individual student.  It is our desire to instill a love for learning in all children.  We believe that all children can learn.  It just takes patience and perseverance to determine how each child learns best.  


LSA uses a homeschool approach in a classroom setting.  This approach allows gifted students to be challenged.  It also allows those that need extra help to receive that help in a non-judgemental zone.  


At LSA, we embrace all students with God's love.  We do not require a recommendation letter from a pastor stating that a family attends church. We do have a statement of faith to be signed by the parents that states that you understand that LSA teaches the Bible from cover to cover. It is our desire to share the love of Jesus with families and through that see life change.  


Meet The Founders

DAWN COATS PARKER is the wife of 23 years to Derek Parker and mom to 4 children.  She holds a BS in Accounting from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.  Dawn has held many Accounting Management positions in for profit and nonprofit businesses over the years.  This firm business background led to a strong administrative front for LifeSpring Academy.


As a veteran homeschool teacher, Dawn taught her children at home for 7 years.  She founded and has been the Director of a large local homeschool coop, SMILE, for 6 years.  Dawn is passionate about the individuality of each child and that has shown through in her homeschool and coop.


Dawn attends Temple City Church, Selma, NC.  Dawn firmly believes in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength."



BOBBI ROE holds a BS in Education from Eastern Illinois University, where she graduated with a concentration in Elementary Education and an area of concentration in Language Arts. She holds a current North Carolina teaching license in K-6 and Upper Level Language Arts. 


During her 33-year career in education, Bobbi has taught grades K-9 and specialized in the teaching of advanced language arts learners, math intervention students, and curriculum coaching. Her teaching experiences have included teaching in Illinois and North Carolina public schools, homeschool co-ops, and Heart to Heart Women's Bible Study.  In addition, she has coached teachers in math instruction, launched and lead student council, owned and managed Curves fitness facilities, served on the student support team and the principal's administrative cabinet.


Bobbi is the wife of Ryan for 30 years and mom to Addison. She has particularly enjoyed opportunities to instill a love of learning with her students.  Her love of teaching propels her to teach students the value of becoming a lifelong learner and igniting in them a passion to use the gifts God has given them. Some of her favorite assignments have been working with struggling math learners, teaching students to read and write, and teaching the sciences with sound Biblical instruction.




JILL MINIUM-GALLEGOS holds a BA in French and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Education from Illinois State University. She also holds a minor in English. Jill is certified grades 6-12 in both Illinois and North Carolina. Jill continued her love of languages by working on her Masters at ISU with a concentration in Foreign Language Pedagogy.


During her 20-year career as an educator, Jill has worked as a tutor, grant writer, curriculum designer, teacher, trainer & supervisor. Her experiences include working with a vast number of educational institutions: The English Language Institute, Peoria County Public School System, Franklin County Public School System, SMILE Homeschool Cooperative, Episcopal Migration Ministries, & Wake Technical Community College.


Jill further enhanced her love of teaching, classical education, and the arts by studying abroad at the Universite de Grenoble in Grenoble, France, as well as, touring culturally rich countries such as: Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Francophone Canada, and Japan. Jill is blessed to be the wife of Isidro for 15 years and mom to nine amazing blessings. She has a heart for homeschool, adoption advocacy, foster care, education, and believing in the potential of every child. 

The Difference

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